POET is a digital product studio operating at the intersection of design & technology.

POET is a design consultancy specializing in crafting digital brand conversations. We are a passionate team of creatives, utilizing a broad range of skills that discover and define beautiful human-centered products.  

We partner with design studios and clients to extend their reach and impact with the belief that any engagement has the opporunity to reshape and redefine how digitial platforms can express and unify their offering. 

Approach To create experiences that bring joy and ease to the user, we focus on increasing collaboration and communication through continuous dialogue, constantly building from the start to ensure we are all validating high fidelity designs and placing the user at the center of our process.

Our approach focuses around 3 pillars:

Mapping the landscape of your brand allows us to better understand your needs and the potential opportunities that exist within. An initial workshop helps set the platform on which we will start immediately crafting solutions with which we can directly interact and validate.

Brands are a broad web of connected touchpoints, of which digital is just one. We work closely with our clients as we define our understanding of these connections and ensure our solutions act as an extension supporting the larger brand.

Digital products are complex frameworks that are most easily understood once an initial outline is constructed through simultaneously mapping the macro and micro components (such as templates, clusters, modules & components). We prefer to start building immediately, promoting our communication and defining innovative user
experience solutions.

Areas of expertise: 
Art Direction / Content Strategy / Creative Direction / Editorial Design / Branding & Identity / Information Architecture / Packaging / Product User Interfaces (UI) / Rapid Prototyping / Responsive Websites / Service Design / User Research & Testing

We have previously collaborated with:
Aol / BSDC / Citibank / Cools / Farfetch / Gilt Groupe / Motorvision TV / Target / Time Warner Cable / Toll Brother’s City Living / Toyota / UNESCO / Visa

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